Man the Capstan is on YouTube!

Over the holidays, Man the Capstan picked up the new Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video Camera, a small camcorder that can record in 720p high definition! It’s quite the small device, and terribly easy to use. We have been thinking about ways to capture Capstan events and outings (including the ever looming Tall Ships 2009 endeavour), and this is a perfect solution.

Now, with the Zi6, we can capture all imminent events and updates in high definition for your (and our) viewing pleasure. The Zi6 also features quick and easy YouTube uploading. Behold, the first Capstan video blog, courtesy of YouTube.

The video is embedded in HD, so it may take a moment to load if you are on a slow connection. Feel free to view the video at YouTube, however, if you want to watch a lower quality version!

Viewers can view our YouTube Channel page for additional Capstan updates (this link will be posted on our sidebar), and for extra information on Capstan items, accessories and projects! YouTube now offers HD support. All of our videos will support HD, so please be sure to click the Watch in HD link on the bottom corner of each video.

We already have three clips up, including the one above. We figure that we’ll be uploading three different types of updates. Video Blogs, narratives on Capstan updates and project results; Exhibit Insights, quick little clips on accessories and items; and Events and Outings, or longer clips on the Capstan crew in public, in costume!

I know it’s been awhile since we last updated. I have another larger update coming, so stay tuned!


About Dave

I am a twenty-two year old university student living in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am an avid naval history enthusiast, particularly the Regency/Napoleonic eras. I have a particular interest in the British Royal Navy and other Britannic military orders.

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