Costuming Updates and a Visit to Mt. Uniacke

Mom H Collage

Steve, Johanna, UniackeThis month has been a busy one here at Man the Capstan and thank goodness the spring has finally arrived in the Maritimes.  The weather is just lovely now, the trees all have sprouted their new leaves, bulbs and spring flowers are blooming pretty much everywhere and birds are so, so, busy. We’ve already had several very warm days where temperatures have reached well into the mid 20s, so I’m happy!

We had my mother stay with us for almost four weeks which coincided with the 50th Anniversary of our Immigration to Canada from the Netherlands. It was certainly a nice  time to be together. We had a wonderful family visit in which she was able to meet her new great grandson and many happy memories were made. All good things of course, come to an end, and she has now returned to her home in beautiful British Columbia.

Johanna, UniackeWe went on a lot of outings and did many things together while she was here, including Dave’s graduation from University, and I’m quite sure we wore her out completely. She has been an incredibly good sport though and thoroughly enjoyed her visit to Nova Scotia.  On one such outing we visited the Mt. Uniacke estate. This  offered us an awesome photo opportunity,  and one which she particularly enjoyed because she was able to wear the English Rose in a true Georgian setting. For more information about Mt Uniacke you can read my blog about that place and it’s very interesting history.

It turned out to be an exceptionally windy day near the shores of Martha Lake, but as it happens the wind was to our advantageDave Uniacke 2 in a number of pictures taken and all in all we got some super new  shots of the costumes. I now know what ladies of that time period must have experienced in such weather and it was certainly a challenge to keep that frisky hat on my head!

I have been busy the last weeks working on David’s Royal Navy captain’s coat, as the bias and stand lace finally arrived in April. We have been waiting for that for about ten months I believe, and are we ever happy to finally have it in hand. I just have to show off the amazing detail that I have added to the cuffs and lapels of this jacket. It truly makes this jacket a thing of beauty and authenticity.

Steve, UniackeSteve’s Royal Marine coat has been  complete for some time of course, but we had yet to photograph him in the entire get up with the lapels in the closed position and the maroon sash tied around his waist. We have all agreed that we prefer this uniform worn in this way best. Check out the gleaming gorget around his neck.

I have recently begun work  on the first of the two Regency Gowns I am planning to sew and will add just a glimpse of it here. There is still much to do and I have plans for a wonderful matching bonnet that  I think should be great fun to make.  In order to help myself gain a better grasp of that period in history, I’ve  been watching a number of films lately based on the novels of Jane Austen and Regency sneek peekhave found that I really do admire the costuming in these movies. I’ve certainly changed my earlier opinion of these gowns and have decided that I would rather like to create a few of my own.  Shara and I are leaning towards wearing these for our visit to the Tall Ships 2009 since it is bound to be a warm July day and these dresses are likely to be much cooler.

You can click on all my pictures to enlarge them!


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