Murder and Mayhem among the Mateys

teal gown

It has been some time since we have made an entry to this blog. This has indeed been a busy time for the crew of Man the Capstan and unfortunately this blog has been neglected. This past October/November, three of our crew members travelled to the west coast of Canada to visit family and to attend a wedding.

Prior to setting out it was decided that we would have a nautical Halloween once again, and a murder mystery party was planned for the night before Old Hallows Eve. It was to be set in the 1760s in Port Royal and the cast would be a salty bunch indeed.

Steve, Karol, girls

Much to my delight, I, as the tailor, was  inundated with costuming demands. Fortunately this being a fun event, authenticity was not of the utmost importance. It  would be fun, since I could play around a little with the fabrics and the stylings.

Required for this event were several ladies gowns, gowns for four young ladies, a pirate captain’s costume as well as two get-ups for a pair of pirate mateys. Thank goodness this is where my responsibility ended as the rest of the cast was responsible for their own costuming needs. As the time drew near for our arrival, the children became more and more excited for they too would be a part of this evening. I fervently hoped that all  the costume measurements were correct as I placed each one into the suitcase I had set aside for them. It would be a disappointment, I thought,  if even one costume could not be worn because of an incorrect size.

Dave, Steve, Steve

All went well however, and everyone was delighted with their costumes! This was the first murder mystery party I had attended and I thoroughly enjoyed myself as did everyone else who attended. We donned our wigs and our gear and threw ourselves enthusiastically into the roles of pirates, wenches, ladies and royal navy men, and set our selves upon the task of apprehending a murderer. Truly it was a “blast” as they say!

The costumes shown in these pictures are only the actual ones I created, there were many other fabulous costumes present, but unfortunately there is not enough room to display them all.

While there we also did a school talk about Nova Scotia, it’s history and the nautical costuming that we do. You can see the photos on our Flickr photo stream.


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