Muster! Capstan Updates!

Thought I’d share a few Capstan updates while I had them in my mind, as there are a few developments on the go, and many planned for the future.

As the previous two posts will attest, Halifax’s Tall Ships festival was the supposed culmination of our work here at Man the Capstan. Frankly, it is an unfeasible concept to simply stop what we’re doing now. This is a fun hobby, and one we intend on pursuing for some time yet.

Firstly, I’d like to direct everyone’s attention to the History page, where I’ve updated The Projects; before there was a sorely out-of-date list of completed and ongoing projects. I’ve corrected the list, added the incredible sixteen total reproductions Johanna has completed, and threw in a few extra pieces that are on the books to be tackled later on.

The astute of you will notice an oddity in that list: some of the ongoing projects (indeed, as I write this, all of them) do not fit in with the proscribed time period of Man the Capstan; we claim to be an 18th and 19th century naval reenactment blog. That certainly doesn’t seem to match up well with “Poor Fellow Soldier of Christ and the Temple of Solomon Ensemblé, ca. Late 13th Century”.

We’re experimenting by branching out a bit, tackling a different era that also holds a great amount of interest for us. Shara, our Creative Lead, was an active SCA attendee in her youth, and owns a number of dresses and gowns styled after the High Middle Ages. Likewise, the men in our family all share a fondness for the Romantic chivalry of the knights of oldé. My father and myself particularly are interested in the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon; indeed, I have worn a ring bearing that organization’s early insignia for two years now (Sigillum Militum Χρisti). Though not overly religious in that respect, I have a healthy admiration for the Knights Templar, both from a boyish, adolescent’s perspective, and from that of an amateur historian that is truly moved by its intriguing history.

So, as of now, we have plans to create five reproductions; three knight’s ensemblés and two lady’s gowns/dresses. This is very tentative, as of course the warrior’s gear may or may not require equipment that is out of our reach; namely mail and other such armaments. With or without that kind of hardware, we’re going to see what we can cook up.

We’re still pondering on how to get out in the naval uniforms and lady’s gowns more, and will also be brainstorming on outings and events we can attend in our reproductions. Stay tuned for more information!


About Dave

I am a twenty-two year old university student living in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am an avid naval history enthusiast, particularly the Regency/Napoleonic eras. I have a particular interest in the British Royal Navy and other Britannic military orders.

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