Ivory Victorian Wedding Gown (SOLD)

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Watch the heads turn when you walk down the aisle in this absolutely gorgeous Victorian historical reproduction bustle gown. Modeled after a ballroom style made popular during the 1870s, this beautiful gown features all the details, and truly embodies the elegance, beauty and opulence of the early Victorian era.This is a brand new, never been worn, Man The Capstan original gown crafted by Johanna, it is a one of a kind, there is no other gown quite like it.

Carefully handcrafted using tailoring methods authentic to the time period, it is made in a satin matelasse and 100% pure shantung silk combination. Sure to make your wedding day truly special and to become a beloved heirloom, it has been decorated with all the finery that the Victorians loved.

This gown consists of three full pieces; an off the shoulder lined satin matelasse basque back bodice with contrasting silk pouf sleeves, a pure 100% silk pleated and ruffled unlined underskirt, and a matching lined satin matelasse ruffled and pleated over-skirt with bustle and train. All pieces boast hand pleated and hand ruffled self trims, no less than twenty metres of beautiful matching ivory venise lace, plus florals, satins and faux pearl buttons at the closures, all of which have been applied by hand. You will not find a zipper here. The over-skirt can be removed for reception, the underskirt is beautiful on it’s own with the bodice, has no train, and is lovely and cool for a warm evening of celebration and dancing.

Suggested accessories: Victorian lace boots or satin slippers, opera length non-shiny gloves, a parasol or a fan and a Victorian style mantilla veil or a small floral feathered headpiece. Victorian ladies also often carried a bible decorated with flowers to their weddings. Many of these accessories can be acquired on-line and should be purchased in ivory. I also suggest an A-line crinoline to make the most of the skirts. This should not be too large. The dress  should not pouf out too much at the sides and front, rather the mass of the fabric is pulled to the back.

Size – approx 12 – please measure carefully prior to purchasing.
Bust – 38 (will fit 37)
Waist – 30 – 31
Hips –  a lot of freedom here
Nape to true Waist – 15

This gown can also be worn by someone slightly larger then these measurements if a good Victorian corset is worn. Ladies often made the waists of their gowns smaller by 2 inches or more than their actual size, since it was quite possible to whittle that amount away by the use of a tightly laced corset. Victorians also padded the upper parts of a bodice in order to attain the classic V – shaped torso.

Also included with this purchase is a matching reticule or keepsake pouch and a bustle “pillow”, (makes it easy to get the right look for the bustle). This is to be worn over the underskirt and under the over-skirt.

Because the front interior satin lining of this bodice was snagged during a problem during button holing, I am offering a $200 dollar discount on this gown.This snagging is present on the inside lining fabric only and is absolutely invisible on the exterior of the gown.

With discount – $800.00

Please ask questions
More pictures are available upon request.

If interested in purchase, please email me and I will arrange for an invoice. We use Paypal.


3 thoughts on “Ivory Victorian Wedding Gown (SOLD)

  1. Lady Estelle says:

    This is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Sandra davis says:

    I am very interested in this dress. Would love to have one for my wedding next June. Please advise if possible or if not where can acquire pattern. Thank you.

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