Side Project: The CSV Ardent


When I’m not gallivanting around in historical reproduction clothing with my family, I love to write. My son (who is now five) recently asked me if we could build a spaceship out of cardboard. We decided instead to turn our office into a spacecraft themed room. Upon nearing completion, the room inspired me to start a new work of fiction that I can share with others while taking breaks and pauses from my novel of a different genre. Now that it’s finished, the room not only provides a fun place for my son to go on ‘space adventures’, but also a peaceful, unique, and relaxing place for the adults of the family to work, write, and be creative. Well, we sometimes play too. No matter how old you get, who doesn’t want to play ‘space adventures’?

Please stop by and have a look here: The CSV Ardent: An Original Science Fiction Blog